Release Date: 2014-02-04
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This album is dedicated to finding the Fiya within all of us and connect with each other, fully united as human beings on the planet in peace and harmony.

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Lyrics 1

Peaceizafiy x4
There is a fire, burning inside of ya long to love
And be free
All over the world
Fire it burns
It won’t stop
Until peace returns
Peaceizafiya x4
Fiya fiya
A mystic fire
It can’t be stopped
And its spreading
It can’t be stopped
Burning down the hate
Burning downt the dream
Burning down the fear
Consious succeed
Peaceizafiya x4
Peaces in things
Pieces in flames
We are the fire
Who hold all the water
Lets put out the fire
So peace returns
Peaceizafiya x4
So you see
We got the love
So you see
We got to love
Got to love x23
Peaceizafiya x12
Lets work it out!

Album Review

Amazing! It's so good, I almost caught on FIYA!